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As part of my photography course, I have to track my development on a blog. The posts from September 2011 until January 2012 are part of a module called Project Management, for which I was required to work in a group of eight students to create an exhibition. The blog followed every step we took in order to create a successful gallery. The blog posts starting from September 2012 follow my final year on the course. I'll be documenting my research and analysis of my final year projects, as well as include notes of my Professional Practice unit - which prepares us for a range of post graduate options. Finally it also looks at a project called New Creatives, where I'll be working alongside an artists to help college students get more involved with art.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

52 Week Photo Challenge

Last weeks theme was "Fruit". As you probably know by now, I like stretching the topics to create more fun/interesting shots. I've always wanted to include my hamster Chili in one of my photo challenges, and this is the perfect week! Chili belong to me and my boyfriend and he is literally the cutest little hamster ever. I've taken about a million photos of him and half a million videos. I think he's made an appearance in every monthly video so far!

Anyway, so obviously Chili is a hamster not a fruit, but he absolutely loves apples! So I decided to photograph him eating an apple, which sounds pretty easy, but when I want him to do something, he just does the complete opposite. He did not want to get near that piece of apple, let alone eat it.... I ended up surrounding the apple piece by sunflowers (which he is literally obsessed with). The picture looks pretty convincing, like he's actually eating the apple!

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